Bahamas: ‘Crafty’ Rastas Jumped The Gun

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel yesterday said legal action from the Rastafarian community over their right to sacramental use of cannabis, has an “extremely slim” chance at success and should have been delayed to wait on the outcome from the national Marijuana Commission.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Christian Council President Delton Fernander has characterised the legal threat as a “crafty way to force the government’s hand” towards legalisation.

However, legal counsel for the group, Wayne Munroe, QC, told The Tribune he is gearing up for a legal battle he has been waiting to wage since he left law school in the 80s.

Mr Munroe added the government’s Marijuana Commission was nothing more than a thinly veiled probe into the pros and cons of “smoking dope for fun”.

“I have been looking for some Rasta with the courage to do this,” Mr Munroe said. “They said the same thing about our battle with the Muslim on the Defence Force, and what happened with that? It went all the way to the Privy Council who affirmed his religious freedom.”


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