Haiti: The OPC concerned about violence that is reaching alarming proportions

Following assault and attacks in recent days against journalists and the media, the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) expresses its deep concern at the climate of violence that persists in the country and continues to rise to alarming proportions, recalling that in less than 4 days, several journalists and media have been victims of the violence

Martine Denis Chandler, and Richardson Jourdan of National Television of Haiti were mistreated, Lesly Dorcin of the newspaper Le Nouvelliste was wounded by bullet, the journalist Petion Rospide of “Radio Sans Fin” (RSF) was assassinated Monday, June 10th The premises of Radio-TV Ginen Located in Delmas 31 were attacked Monday, June 10 by lawless individuals in the eyes of everyone

The OPC wonders if Haiti is not reliving the worst moments of the years 2003, 2004, in other forms, with the objective of imposing the unique thought in Haiti and to ban all democratic values ​​in particular freedom of expression, the right to challenge or the right to express contrary ideas independently and without concern.


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