More than a hundred parents in the Arlington Public School System in Virginia are fighting what they describe as an activist-led effort to implement a dangerous new transgender policy in their schools.

The policy would allow the school to keep their kids’ gender identity hidden from parents, and give students of all ages the right to embrace the gender identity of their choice. Students would be allowed to use whatever locker room and bathroom they choose, to compete as their preferred gender in sports, and to be referred to by their preferred pronouns at school. If the students wish, the school would also assist them in keeping their chosen gender a secret from their parents.

Maria Keffler learned about the policy from a friend who stumbled across a reference to the policy on the school system’s website in February. (The school did not announce the policy until the end of May, when a final draft was posted online.) The two of them showed up uninvited at a school board working meeting that evening, and were astonished to find representatives from a local transgender activist group discussing a policy wishlist with school board members, administrators and several students.


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