Haiti: ‘Lalo’s House,’ Where Foreigners Exploit Haitian Children

I’ve been to Haiti twice, so “Lalo’s House” tugged at my heartstrings and was the most gut wrenching, tear jerking film that I have seen in this year’s San Francisco Black Film Festival. While in Haiti, I stayed in an orphanage much like the one depicted in this film.

I recommend “Lalo’s House” to all Black people and others who want to know and who care about the plight of our brothers, sisters and the children across the seas being ruthlessly exploited at the hands of U.S. and European imperialism.

The film was created by Kelley Kali and is a 25-minute masterfully told saga. Inspired by true events, it exposes sides of imperialism that are rarely seen on film.

The film starts off in Jacmel, Haiti, with a storyteller telling the children in the community about the story of the little bird and Lalo. In the story, Lalo is evil, but puts up a front, acting like she is the little bird’s friend to persuade the little bird to come to her house. As soon as the little bird comes into the house, she sees the bones of birds on the table. She is frightened, starts shaking, then Lalo attacks her and eats her.


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