‘Boris is unstoppable’: MPs say Gove’s cocaine confession has ‘handed the whole show’ to Johnson as Iain Duncan Smith joins the former foreign secretary’s backers

MPs say Boris Johnson looks ‘unstoppable’ after he racked up more backing in the Tory leadership battle – and Michael Gove was hit with a storm over his cocaine use.

The former foreign secretary has been boosted by a fresh round of endorsements after the contest kicked off for real, including from Iain Duncan Smith.

He also topped a poll at a hustings event with the right-wing 92 group of MPs last night, receiving more than twice as many votes as Brexiteer rival Dominic Raab.

Backbenchers said Mr Gove’s bombshell admission that he took cocaine two decades ago had ‘f***ed’ him and ‘handed the whole show to Boris’, as he would now probably face a far less potent threat from Jeremy Hunt in the run-off ballot of Tory members.


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