A longtime librarian on how to get your kids to dive into books this summer.

Get your child genuinely excited to read this summer with Slate’s kids’ summer reading package. Lois Lowry, Kate DiCamillo, Tui T. Sutherland, and other beloved children’s authors recommend the books that shaped them the most. Got an awkward middle-schooler on your hands? He should read these books. Want to broaden your high schooler’s horizons? Read YA author Tochi Onyebuchi on why school summer reading lists matter.

In my teenage years, I worked at my local library as a page—a romantic-sounding title that calls to mind polishing armor and mucking out stables but in reality consists of reshelving returned books and mucking out the library’s guinea pig tank. (Rest in peace, Fireball, you furry little terror.) As minimum wage gigs go, paging was a dream, especially during summers, when the children’s department would announce its annual summer reading program theme, and I would add an accompanying T-shirt to my growing collection with the year’s motto: “Make a Splash @ Your Library.” “One World, Many Stories.” “Fizz, Boom, Read.”


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