Pelosi Tells Dem Leaders She Wants To See Trump ‘In Prison’

As we’ve previously explained, Nancy Pelosi has been desperately searching for an excuse to avoid starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump (that is, until Dems are certain they have the popular political support to justify trying to remove him from office).

Earlier this week, the Speaker of the House added what we saw as a novel excuse: Pelosi would rather Trump avoid impeachment and instead face prosecution as a private citizen after leaving office.

Or at least that’s what she told Jerry Nadler, Politico reports. Nadler and other committee leaders have been enmeshed in a private behind the scenes battle over who will ‘own’ the Dems’ sprawling investigation into Trump.

During a meeting this week, Pelosi again rebuffed Nadler, who again asked the speaker’s permission to launch an impeachment inquiry, according to Politico’s sources.

Pelosi explained that she doesn’t want to see Trump impeached, she wants to see him in prison.


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