Haiti: 5th Edition of the Diner in White selection, registrations open

The Dinner in White, this very chic and elegant picnic is back in Haiti. On Saturday, August 10, Haiti will celebrate the 5th edition of this select event in Cap Haitien in a secret location. The new organizing team is already at work to offer guests another unforgettable evening !

Beyond the historical importance of the place, Le Dîner en Blanc in Cap-Haïtien is for many a return home. The coordination of the team involved in bringing it together is the work of super organizers such as Fabienne Alphonse-Reid, Annie Melissa Etienne and Johanna Auguste.

The co-organizer Annie Melissa Etienne, from Haiti, is indeed excited about the tourism impact that Le Dîner en Blanc will have on the city of the North “The White Dinner by its concept is a question of community and this community also has a significant impact. We are honored to be part of this long-standing tradition of Le Dîner en Blanc, as the event helps promote tourism and Haiti’s rich heritage without forgetting Haitian cuisine.”


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