Health: These Magnetic Microbots Will Scrub Your Teeth Clean

Dentist offices are often terrifying, mostly because fighting microscopic bacteria is a serious task. They join together in groups using a sticky matrix and form colonies (like bricks stuck together with mortar) and attach themselves to your chompers.

They’re so stubbornly clingy, in fact, that dentists have to use scrapers and water jets to clean your teeth. Getting bacterial nets, known as biofilms, out of there is not an easy task.

“Certain bacteria, when they arrive on a surface, they know in order to survive there they need to cling on it,” Hyun (Michel) Koo, a dental researcher, told The Daily Beast. “So they secrete a matrix and stick with each other and multiply. As they firm up on the surface they cover each other up with this glue-like polymer.”


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