London Somalis Sending Teens Back To Africa To Escape Stabbings

Hundreds of British Muslims of Somali descent are sending their teenage children back to East Africa in order to avoid injury or death via stabbing, according to the BBC.

London has experienced 51 stabbing deaths in 2019, while the UK overall has seen 100. According to the report, 8% of victims have been of Somali heritage.

The Somali teens, meanwhile, say that they feel much safer in Africa despite the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth office advising citizens against traveling to Somalia, as well as threats of terrorism across Kenya (It probably helps if one is a practicing Muslim). Somalia was named the 13th most dangerous country in the world last year by the Foreign Office.

The BBC‘s Victoria Derbyshire interviewed one Somali mother, Amina, who told the network how her 15-year-old son was stabbed four times, just 17 days after his year-long stay in Somalia.

“They damaged his bladder, his kidneys, his liver. He’s got permanent damage,” she said, adding “He was safer there [in Somaliland] than he was here, 100 per cent more safe than in London.”

According to Islington mayor Rakhia Ismail – a Somali immigrant to London and mother of four – some areas of the city are not safe for young people. She estimates that 40% of UK Somali families are taking their children back home.


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