Haiti: The DGI launches its Call Center

the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) officially launched its Call Center, known under the label “INFOCENTRE” an old project of the Directorate General to facilitate the dialogue between the tax authorities and the taxpayer, too often abused by malicious people, who provide him with false information in exchange for sums of money.

In this implementation, the DGI benefited from the supervision of partners from the international community, including Canadian cooperation through the Canada Revenue Agency, which made the training of trainers in reception techniquesand shared their call center experience, but also the support of the cooperation of the European Union, via Expertise France which has greatly contributed to make this project a reality. In January 2017, a high-level delegation from the DGI had visited France’s info-services structures at the French Public Finance Department and shared the experiences of the managers in Nancy, Nanterre and Pantin.

The new INFOCENTRE service has a national vocation to provide the public with one-off information via the telephone and the internet, procedures, tariffs, deadlines for taxes, duties and taxes, while eventually collecting complaints from taxpayers.


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