Dominican Republic: Water bottling companies criticize UASD report

The Dominican Association of Bottlers of Purified Waters, (Adeagua), considers that the microbiology report of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo on contamination in bottles sold to the public affects its members because it does not present the names of the companies in default. He said that most of its affiliates are backed by the quality seal issued in the country.

The president of the organization, David Toribio Lantigua, reported that more than 1,700 companies operate in the national territory, a total that includes those who complete formalities and also clandestine and illegal ones that process and sell water in violation of laws and regulations. “Without applying in the least the good practices of manufacture”.

He valued the interest of the university department that reported detecting in bottling containers established in 13 provinces contaminating microorganisms such as “coliforms”, “Escherichia coli” and “aerobic mesophiles” of risk to consumer health.


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