Cuba: More Vegetarians in Cuba, but Not By Choice

Saturday is the day you’re most likely to find food at markets where we live. It’s normal for vendors to save a bit on the side so they can sell it on this day. I go to the Ideal Market (which doesn’t live up to its name in the slightest), to shopping centers, to privately-run retail points, I travel all over town and its surrounding areas but I can’t find anything. I can’t find any meat products.

It seems incredible. Readers might think I’m exaggerating or saying I couldn’t find what I was specifically looking for. NO. I literally couldn’t find any meat whatsoever. Not processed meat, fresh or frozen meat or fish, nothing for any price.

Given the circumstances, I would have settled with some minced soy mixed with left-over cuts of meat of a dubious origin. The same kind that I would give away just a few months ago, when it formed part of the ration booklet. And, let me tell you, the last time it came in, I ravaged it, as if it were the best thing in the world, no longer remembering the flavor of better options, because my diet is now mostly vegetarian. The good thing is that it’s healthy; the bad thing is that it’s imposed on us by our situation.


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