Toshiba Joins Huawei Blockade, Suspends Hard-Drive Shipments

As more companies scramble to comply with the White House executive order prohibiting telecommunications equipment deemed a national security risk – even as the administration extended Huawei a 90-day reprieve – Japan’s Toshiba said Thursday that it had suspended shipments of electronics to Huawei, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

The suspension will allow Toshiba time to figure out whether any US-originated parts or technologies are being packaged into Toshiba products sold to Huawei. If it were to ship US-made components to Huawei in violation of the ban, Toshiba would risk drawing the ire of the White House.

Toshiba is at least the third major Japanese supplier to cut ties with Huawei, the other two being smartphone chip-maker ARM and Panasonic, which also supplies parts for Huawei phones. Japan’s enthusiastic support of the White House’s crackdown on Huawei shows that the world’s third-largest economy has picked a side in the battle between China and the US, potentially risking the trade war (and possibly even a hot war) across the East China Sea (and perhaps more riots).


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