Haiti: The AIDH draws a grim record of the situation in Haiti

The International Action for Human Rights (AIDH) drew a grim record of the human rights situation in Haiti for the year 2018.

Regarding insecurity, the AIDH describes a precarious situation for the population, with 651 deaths by bullets.

In the area of ​​justice, the organization notes and deplores that only 1,902 judgments were rendered during the judicial year 2017-2018, against 2,559 for the previous judicial year is a drop of more than 25%… Moreover the AIDH emphasizes a justice that is too expensive and inaccessible for all, which does not make it a real public service.

Regarding governance, the report states that only 17 judgments of débet (attesting that the management of an accountant of public money is irregular) were issued by the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) against some mayors and accountants of the State, while corruption is a scourge in Haiti…

Tenure insecurity, legal assistance, police violence and the condition of detention in prisons were addressed in the report.

The AIDH highlighted the unproductive side of the Parliament, the socio-economic situation characterized by extreme poverty, the recurrent child trafficking on the Dominican border, the marginalization of people with disabilities and the lack of gender equality…



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