Nicaragua: Pays Salary to Fugitive Ex-Salvadoran President Funes

Former Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes is receiving a monthly salary of 90,080.46 cordobas from the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry, equivalent to US $2,739, according to the payroll report of that institution which has been leaked to Confidencial.

Funes, president of El Salvador from 2009-2014, sought and was granted asylum in Nicaragua in September of 2016 as a fugitive from that country’s justice. The document doesn’t explain the reason for Funes’ salary, although it confirms that at least one of his sons, Diego Funes Canas, can also be found on the government payroll and lists an imprecise home address in Managua.

The document indicates that father and son have the same Managua address, registered imprecisely as “1st level, 2 blocks east, 1 ½ blocks N, house #1”. This is on file, even though it’s known that the Funes’ live in the exclusive community of Las Colinas where they’re protected by members of the National Police.


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