With the development of the cannabis industry in the Caribbean, one leading figure in the Jamaican cannabis sector is urging those in charge to involve the small farmers.

Founder and Director of CanEx Jamaica, Douglas Gordon, made this clear during his remarks at the CanEx Cannabis Investment Summit, which took place on Tuesday evening.

He believes it is paramount to involve the Rastafarian community, the medical fraternity, and the like, as he considers them to be key stakeholders.

“Too often we talk about the small farmer as a sort of charity case, but really what you have there is a vested community that understands the plant and are passionate about what it can deliver. But they are not trained and they do not understand completely, some of them, what a new business regime looks like, and its incumbent on us that may understand what a traditional cannabis infrastructure looks like better…to incorporate those players into the process, so we can go forward with a very wholesome industry,” he said.


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