Dominican Republic: DNCD dismantles synthetic marijuana preparation and distribution center in Baní

The National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD), with the support of the Public Ministry, dismantled a center for the preparation and distribution of a substance that is presumed to be synthetic marijuana, through the execution of two simultaneous operations carried out in this municipality.

During the intervention carried out in the Residencial Santa Elena and in a house between the sectors of Angostura and Honduras of the mentioned municipality, five men of Serbian nationality were arrested and several portions were occupied, equivalent to more than six pounds of marijuana.

In a first operation, 2,902 grams were confiscated, 43 bottles of blue and black with alleged liquid drugs, three scales, scissors, adhesive tapes, four laptops and eleven cell phones.

In a second intervention, 1, 156 grams of the substance were taken, inside a plastic cover hidden in the bathroom of one of the rooms, a vacuum packing machine, a car, a motorcycle, personal documents and other evidence.


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