Cuba, the Great Divide and Neutrality

It is easy to detect those who openly express in Havana Times either support for or opposition to the Castro communist dictatorship. They demonstrate the great divide between beliefs in freedom and repression.

The open supporters are disciples of 19thcentury Marxism/Leninism and in particular the Castro brothers Stalinist based interpretation of it, upon which the Constitution, control and policies of the Communist Party of Cuba are based.

Recently changing the words communist and communism to socialist and socialism and describing their regime as “democratic socialist” is merely a ploy to mislead the ignorant by inferring that communism in Cuba has changed.

The supporters still believe that the wishes and desires of the individual should be subjugated or eradicated in favor of treating society as a whole without individual distinction by creating a ‘mass’ or proletariat. In support of that system they talk of the need for a one-party state with the means of production and distribution controlled by the state.


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