Health Tourism reported 257 million dollars to the country

Health tourism reported to the Dominican Republic about 257 million dollars (more than 13,300 million pesos) in 2018, according to a study presented yesterday and that figure in 47,725 people who visited the country to receive this type of service.

The Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sanchez, said that these data, contained in the “Study and Diagnosis of Health Tourism” in the Dominican Republic, position the country among the main destinations for health tourism in the region.

He added that the study establishes that a total of 117,275 services were provided to people who, in a planned manner, went to Dominican territory for health reasons.

The figures do not include welfare tourists, which represented an average growth of 15% for the health tourism segment, and 7% for the tourist medicine segment with respect to 2017.

In addition, the investigation reveals that a total of 69,550 foreigners were assisted in tourism medicine, a modality that consists of providing emergency services, urgency or consultations to tourists who during their visit to the country were presented with an unforeseen medical event.



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