Jamaica: $43M coffee project for St Andrew, St Thomas

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory has been selected to anchor a $43-million dollar project to introduce best farming practices in coffee production in the parishes of St Andrew and St Thomas.

The project is expected to assist coffee farmers in increasing production from 30 boxes per acre to approximately 100 boxes per acres.

MBCF will be investing roughly $13 million in the project which will assist 14 small to medium size coffee farmers in upgrading their farms through plant nutrition, pest and soil management, weed control, drip irrigation and satellite farming mechanisms. The remainder of the funds will be jointly financed by the Government of Jamaica/World Bank through the Development Bank of Jamaica, managed Jamaica Business Fund (JBF).

“The project will provide precise nutrition to the beneficiary farms through soil testing, applying soluble fertiliser to the coffee plants, coffee leaf rust management, berry borer eradication, post-harvest field sanitation, chemical weed control and pruning of the coffee trees among other things,” Mavis Bank CEO, Norman Grant, explained.

A coffee best practice instruction manual will also be produced by Mavis Bank Coffee Factory as a guide to the farmers.



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