Cuba’s Debt to Fidel Castro’s Agricultural Genius

Initially shown September, 29, 2018, Cuban TV produced a program on the dairy sector of agriculture with film shot in the provinces of Sancti Spiritus and Mayabeque. There was much credit given to Fidel Castro with footage shot of him at intervals between the ages 40 and 80 as Fidel always ensured photographic record for the media from his early days when leaving jail on the Isla de la Juventud to the Sierra Maestra and onwards.

He apparently, should be given credit for introduction of better genetic material and artificial insemination into Cuban agriculture although any evidence of improvement in Cuban cattle is somewhat short. The methods of artificial insemination have not changed and no mention of ovum transplant (introduced to the world by Veterinarian Dr. Tim Rowson of Cambridge University over forty years ago and later applied to humanity) and the dairy production systems shown were not as advanced as those to be found in the UK, Canada and the US in 1950. To increase production, Cuba does not need to re-invent the dairy industry, merely to copy successful systems and methods developed and proven in the capitalist world during the 20th century.



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