Bahamas: Activists Question Disney Sustainability Plans

SEVERAL local environmental groups have written to Walt Disney’s top senior sustainability officer, raising questions about the adequacy of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) now underway for Disney Cruise Line’s proposed Lighthouse Point project.

The collaborative letter, penned to Elissa Margolis, The Walt Disney Company’s senior vice president for enterprise social responsibility, by the directors of BREEF, EARTHCARE, reEarth, Save The Bays and Waterkeepers Bahamas, notes the recently released Heads of Agreement (HOA) for Lighthouse Point describes a project “far larger than anticipated”.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has again defended the Disney deal from push back, telling supporters at a church service celebrating his administration’s second year in office that he needed to clear up some “misinformation” surrounding the project.

Dr Minnis said while his party will ensure high environmental standards are met with any project by Bahamians or foreign investors, the Disney project is a model of “careful development”.

“My fellow FNMs, let me clear up some misinformation that is going around. Every government has to balance economic development and environmental protection and preservation,” he said yesterday. “The new project in South Eleuthera is a model of careful, balanced development. The PLP also does not support this development. The PLP and some of the private interests don’t care about the needs of the people of South Eleuthera who have been suffering and in need of jobs [and] opportunities for a long time.



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