Haiti: New vocational training project for 150 young people from Cité Soleil, La Saline and Martissant

As part of its Community Violence Reduction Program (CVR), the United Nations Mission in Support of Justice in Haiti (Minujusth) and its partners, have successfully completed a project of vocational training and self-employment aimed at improving the socio-economic and security conditions of 173 at-risk youth aged 17 to 28 (including 80 women), in communities in Cap-Haïtien and the outskirts of downtown Port-au-Prince (Cité Soleil and Martissant) and launched a new project lasting six months for 150 other young people, including 45 women, from Cité Soleil, La Saline and Martissant.

It should be noted that these two projects focus on vocational training, the creation of income-generating activities and the channeling towards self-employment for young people, as well as the promotion of a culture of peace, in order to reduce economic vulnerability, the risk of deviance towards criminal actions and social exclusion.

As part of the closed project, 156 young people (50% of whom were women) completed a 3-month professional internship in cosmetology, sewing, cabinet making, refrigeration, welding or electricity in companies in the capital. Following the internship, 24 youths (including 10 women) were selected by the companies, and 43 (including 17 women) created their own income-generating activities. The 156 participants also received professional kits to help them consolidate in their trades.


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