Weird and Wonderful Kitchen Gadgets You’d Never Think to Buy

There is no room in the smart home to which tech developers devote more time than the kitchen.

With so many cooks in the culinary space, consumers end up with some devices that are less than conventional—but nonetheless delightful.

Below we take a look at a few kitchen appliances that are both intelligent and interesting.


The nose knows—unless it doesn’t. For those who face chronic congestion—or don’t trust their olfactory functions—there is the FOODsniffer. Resembling something like a remote control, the FOODsniffer is a hand-held device built to detect the freshness of your food. Users simply point the FOODsniffer at their raw protein of choice—beef, pork, chicken or fish—and the machine “takes a whiff.” The wireless “eNose” runs a bio-organic test to measure gas levels and determines whether your meat is fresh, spoiled or starting to spoil, sending its analysis to an accompanying app, which can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet. Never ponder the palatability of a porkchop again.


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