Bahamas: Guyanese Woman Accused Of Smuggling Migrants From Bahamas To Florida

A WOMAN from Guyana has been arrested by US federal authorities on charges of illegally taking a boatload of undocumented foreigners from The Bahamas to Miami.

Marcia Sunita Pestano, 44, was granted a $250,000 bond Friday as an alternative to detention before trial in Miami federal court. Her defence attorney, Marshall Dore Louis, declined to comment about the case. Her arraignment is set for May 7, the Miami Herald reported.

Pestano was arrested earlier this week after Homeland Security investigators coordinated an undercover operation targeting the Guyanese woman, who was suspected of directing “alien-smuggling ventures from various third countries through the Bahamas to the United States,” according to a criminal complaint.

Deploying such a sting in a human-smuggling investigation is uncommon.

On April 14, Pestano met with an undercover agent in The Bahamas to smuggle seven undocumented migrants from Freeport to Miami, the complaint says. She paid $24,900 in U.S. currency and an additional $6,100 in Bahamian dollars to the agent for the illegal trip.



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