Trump’s best selling point for reelection in 2020 is looking stronger than ever

  • President Donald Trump has made the strength of the economy a key part of his 2020 reelection strategy.
  • Trump got more ammunition for that argument with the higher-than-expected first quarter GDP numbers on Friday.
  • GDP came in at 3.2% for the first quarter, much higher than the 2.3% expected by economists.
  • Voters are also generally favorable towards Trump’s handling of the economy.
  • So the strong numbers help build Trump’s best argument for 2020.

    Friday’s strong GDP report wasn’t just good news for the US economy, it’s also a good sign for President Donald Trump as he sets his sights on reelection in 2020.

    The Commerce Department said first quarter GDP hit 3.2%, well above the 2.3% print that economists expected.

    While there are a handful of reasons that the strong GDP number may be temporary, the growth came after early concerns that the first quarter’s growth was going to be disastrous.

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