Jamaica: Four Must-Dos For Jamaica’s Cannabis Industry Success

For the past 30 weeks, WeedEd has been exploring the intricacies of Jamaica’s new cannabis industry. The mission was simple: educate ourselves on cannabis and the opportunities it presents and elevate our thinking about what cannabis can mean to our society.

Today is the final feature in the series, and one thing has stood out above all others, and that is the need for a more efficient way of working by all the stakeholders.

Cannabis’ transition from an illicit trade to a regulated one, public perception steeped in propaganda, and its shutout from the banking sector are all major hurdles being faced locally and globally. To transcend all that, the industry regulators must be focused and strategic while striking a balance between good business sense and obligations to international laws.

For this final feature, WeedEd spoke to several industry insiders about which priorities would best position Jamaica for long-term growth and success in the weed business.


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