The $177 billion owner of Lay’s chips is suing small-time Indian farmers for growing a type of potato it claims exclusive rights over

  • PepsiCo, the owner of Lay’s potato chips, is suing a small group of Indian farmers for growing a potato variety it says belongs to it alone.
  • The food and drink giant says it has had “exclusive rights” to the FL-2027 potato in India since 2016, and wants four farmers to pay $143,000 each for growing it without permission.
  • Dozens of activists and farmers’ unions have written to India’s Department of Agriculture condemning the suit and accusing PepsiCo of intimidation.

PepsiCo, the $177 billion owner of potato chip brand Lay’s, has sued a group of farmers in India for growing a variety of potato it says it owns the exclusive rights to.

The company is seeking reparations of $143,000 each from four farmers accused of growing the FL-2027 potato, which PepsiCo says it has had exclusive rights to in India since 2016, according to legal documents submitted to a district court in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on April 11, and seen by CNN.



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