Crisis Report from Cuba: No Shoes in My City

Shoes haven’t come into Mayari, Holguín’s stores, for over six months now. And, this widespread shortage unfortunately extends to the rest of the province and the island, to a greater or lesser extent. It seems to be the result of the financial crisis that has hit the national economy at every level and its negative impact on imports of basic items.

Belonging to the army’s GAESA corporation, the chain of TRD stores (there are two such establishments in my city) no longer has footwear to sell. It has even reorganized the business purpose of its stores and decided that it will no longer sell shoes in Mayari, only in Nicaro. A town that is 21 kms away.

That’s to say, that neither “La Amistad” or “La Isla” stores will be selling shoes from now on. Even if stock comes in later this year or the next, people will have to travel approximately 30 kms to Cueto or 21 kms to Nicaro in order to buy this product at these stores. This is all happening in a municipality which is also experiencing a transport crisis, making the decision an anti-commercial and unpopular measure that nobody can get their head around.



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