Chrome update stops websites from tracking you in Incognito Mode…Don’t worry Google still tracks you

Google has launched Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, bringing with it a bunch of handy new features, although some — such as Incognito detection blocking — require a bit of tinkering to access.

Straight out of the box, though, is motion reduction designed to limit motion sickness when viewing parallax scrolling, zooming and other motion effects. There’s also enhanced functionality for PiP (picture-in-picture) video and the usual security and bug updates.

And then there are Chrome 74’s hotly-anticipated Dark Mode and Incognito features, although neither have rolled out completely yet. Incognito detection blocking is live, but you’ll need to enable it yourself. Enter chrome://flags/ in a new Chrome window, search for Incognito and then enable the Filesystem API in Incognito. Doing this will close the loopholethat lets websites identify whether a user is browsing in disguise or not, meaning that private browsing really will be private browsing.



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