Haiti: Intensive training for 60 women for the recruitment contest of the PNH

As part of a pilot project of Capacity Building of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) aiming at set up gender sensitive recruitment mechanisms, the Coordination of Women’s Affairs of the PNH, the Gender Unit of the UNPol (Minujusth) and UN Women – Haiti, met with more than 60 young women to study their cases for their full participation in the PNH preparatory class for women.

With this pilot initiative, UNFemmes will support the selection of the 60 best applicants for intensive training (physical, mental and psychological) to participate in the police recruitment competition. The participation of the candidates in this preparatory class is not a guarantee of integration within the PNH.

This pro-active and collaborative project for women candidates for entrance examinations to the PNH, implemented with the financial support of Minujusth, aims at improving the success rate in order to gradually bridge the gap in between men and women in the institution, which currently represents only 10% of the workforce.



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