Jamaica: Chang Wants To Ease Rastas’ Entry Into Legal Ganja Industry

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang is supporting the Rastafarian community’s view that it would be an injustice to demand that they pay the exorbitant fees to get a medical cannabis licence, being the true pioneers in promoting the medical benefits of the ganja plant.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which was set up as the regulating body for the medical cannabis industry to issue licences to individuals and companies, has set cultivation licence fees ranging from US$2,000 to US$3,000 per acre, plus application fees of US$300 for individuals and US$500 for companies.

“It certainly will be another major injustice – almost as bad as the brutalisation of Coral Gardens – if, in fact, we start a cannabis industry and the small farmers and Rastafarians, in particular, cannot benefit from it,” said Chang, who was speaking at the Good Friday commemoration event of the Coral Gardens atrocities against Rastafarians in 1963 at the Nyahbinghi Centre in the Pitfour, St James.


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