Jamaica: Gov’t triples Rastafari trust fund

The Government has announced plans to triple the $10 million set aside in a trust fund that was established for members of the Rastafari community who were brutalised by the State during the Coral Gardens incident of 1963.

“The agreement was for $10 million; it is now at $13 million and the Ministry of Culture is looking to increase that to $30 million,” revealed Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang, who represented the Government at the 56th Commemoration of the Coral Gardens Atrocities held at the Pitfour Nyahbinghi Centre in Granville, St James on Friday.

“There is the need to give some level of comfort and essentially reparation to our brothers who suffered the Coral Gardens event, one of the most horrific incidents in our history,” he said.

Speaking before of Dr Chang, sociologist Dr Michael Barnett called for the expeditious delivery of the compensation package for the Rastafarian elders who were brutalised by members of the State.


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