A CBD-Infused Burger Is Being Tested By Carl’s Jr. On 4/20

Cannabidiol infused foods and drinks have been on the rise, as the oil’s popularity skyrockets.  Carl’s Jr. is the next business to look into adding CBD oil to food items in order to expand their market to include the products.

Maybe CBD oil is the wave of the future! Professional chefs have already declared CBD and cannabis infusion to be the trend of 2019, and Carl’s Jr. want a piece of the market. The fast-food joint will test a CBD-infused burger at one of its Denver locations on April 20, making it the first national fast-food chain to add CBD to its menu.  Carl’s Jr. is following in the footsteps of other restaurants and eateries too.

Along with the jump in desire for CBD and cannabis-infused products comes an interest in hemp seed oil as well.  All natural oils such as these contain many holistic health benefits and it really isn’t surprising that Carl’s Jr. wants to jump in feet first with a test this weekend.



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