Trinidad: Churches-Deport V’zuelan criminals

The TT Council of Evangelical Churches (TTCEC) has called for the immediate deportation of Venezuelans involved in criminal activity.In a media release yesterday, the church council also recommended that government “put a stop” to Venezuelans seeking entry into TT until it can determine the actual number of immigrants living in the country.

The TTCEC cited local criminologist Darius Figueira, who, in a recent newspaper article said the country is “facing the start of a Venezuelan crime wave.”It said, “For these reasons, the council is deeply concerned at the worsening of a very bad crime situation in TT because of the criminal elements among Venezuelan immigrants.”

The council called on the government to deport immediately those Venezuelans who have committed criminal acts, saying it would also like the government “to be consistent and diligent with these deportations so that it is abundantly clear that such behaviour will not in any way be condoned; for the safety of the citizens of TT must take priority.”


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