Dominican Republic: Abel Martínez defends actions against undocumented

The mayor of Santiago defended the measures taken under his direction to remove undocumented Haitians from public spaces that, according to him, were locating the city with informal sales in the streets.

Abel Martínez referred to the issue when asked why he maintained such a radical attitude toward Haitians. In that sense he replied that he has nothing against any foreigner, that on the contrary, they are received with hospitality.

“But when you receive thousands of Haitians, who are going to move to the riverside, to glens, that there is no record of them, that they are going to take a wheelbarrow and walk streets and avenues, that they will dedicate themselves to informal businesses you have to put controls, “he said.

Martinez said that when he arrived at the mayor’s office in 2016 in Santiago, there were 2,000 landfills improvised by Haitians, who took garbage that they collected in the neighborhoods for payment due to the inefficiency of the past authorities in collecting garbage.


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