Trinidad: ‘End of recession’ an April fool’s joke, UNC senator

OPPOSITION Senator Taharqa Obika said Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon’s assertion that TT’s domestic economy is out of the recession, has to be an “April fool’s joke”.

“This statement belies the fact that we are on the wrong side of an economic slump realising GDP levels that are lower than it was roughly a decade ago. In fact, when petroleum and chemical products which historically form part of the energy sector are removed from the computation of manufacturing, the sector has declined by 7.7 per cent since 2015,” Obika said in a media release, citing the Review of the Economy as his source.

As she addressed the TT Manufacturers Association’s (TTMA) general meeting on Tuesday, Gopee-Scoon remarked that the country had seen some small growth for 2018, but Obika noted that challenges of the manufacturing sector have not been addressed by the minister’s assertion.



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