Hospital secretly recorded intimate maternity-ward scenes of at least 1,800 women, lawsuit charges

At least 1,800 women may have been filmed having procedures, including giving birth and undergoing surgery, in a maternity ward over an 11-month period, and the videos carelessly stored, a new lawsuit charges.

A suit filed against the Women’s Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, alleges that the facility recorded, on hidden cameras, the activity in three labor and delivery rooms, CNN reported.

This included women in various stages of undress, women undergoing cesarean sections, and babies fresh out of the womb, CNN said. Women’s most private parts were sometimes visible, as well as their faces.

“I have seen, for example, a video of a C-section, and it shows the patient being rolled into the operating room,” said Allison Goddard, the lawyer representing the 81 plaintiffs, to CNN. “It shows the patient being prepped for surgery. You could see her hospital gown tucked up under her breasts. You could see her bare belly.”


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