Jamaica: US Narcotics Control Report 2019 | Jamaica Remains Major Source Of Marijuana, Cocaine Trafficking

Jamaica remains the largest Caribbean source country of marijuana and a significant transit point for cocaine trafficked from South America to North America and other international markets.

Further, traffickers export Jamaica-grown marijuana to other Caribbean countries in return for illicit firearms and other contraband.

That’s according to the latest International Narcotics Control Strategy Report by the United States (US) Department of State.

“Jamaica’s geographic position in the western Caribbean and its difficult-to-patrol coastline, high volume of tourist travel, and status as a major containerised cargo trans-shipment hub contribute to its use for drug trafficking via commercial shipping, small watercraft, air freight, human couriers, and private aircraft,” the report noted.

The department said that the US and Jamaican governments continue to successfully utilise bilateral legal assistance and extradition treaties, as well as agreements on maritime law enforcement cooperation and sharing forfeited assets.


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