“I say the wages of poverty is everywhere …in every run-down house … in the faces of poverty … in every barefooted child we see on the streets during school time,” said Hon. Cordel Hyde.

BELMOPAN, Mon. Mar. 25, 2019– The 2019-20 General Revenue and Appropriation Bill debate got under way in the House of Representatives this morning, following the introduction of the Tax Administration and Procedure Bill 2019, which was introduced by Prime Minster Dean Barrow. This bill was deferred to a later date, and another bill, the Amendment to the Customs and Excise Bill, in accordance with the economic partnership agreement, was also introduced by the Prime Minister and also deferred to a later date.

The first member of the House to open the debate was the Hon. John Briceño, member for Orange Walk Central and the Leader of the Opposition, People’s United Party.

In his opening remarks, Briceño said that the Prime Minister, in his trademark fashion, introduced a budget which will spend more money. Briceño characterized the Prime Minister’s remarks in the introduction to his budget as “mindboggling.”


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