Celebrities have flocked to see Duke’s 18-year-old superstar, Zion Williamson — here’s why he’s been dubbed one of the ‘most impressive’ collegiate prospects ever

  • Zion Williamson is the biggest star in college basketball and considered one of the best prospects ever.
  • Williamson became a high-school basketball star thanks to his highlight-reel dunks and incredible athleticism, and he has taken it to a new level in his freshman season at Duke.
  • At 18, Williamson has become the consensus No. 1 pick for the NBA draft this June and is poised for superstardom at the next level.

If you aren’t already familiar with Zion Williamson, now is the time to become familiar.

With March Madness kicking off on Thursday, perhaps no player will receive as much attention as the 18-year-old Duke star trying to lead the Blue Devils to the national title.

Williamson’s fame has exploded in his freshman year at Duke. A high-school basketball star, Williamson has risen to a new level this year, thanks to his jaw-dropping athleticism and highlight-reel dunks. He’s considered one of the best college basketball prospects ever, and he’s the consensus No. 1 pick in the NBA draft this June.

Here’s how and why Williamson has become the brightest star in college basketball.



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