Suriname: Why does Bouterse recognize the fraudulent election of Maduro?

A small political and military clique enriched with corruption and drug trafficking, then what is the rumbo al socialismo (road to socialism) worth ?! Marx turns around in his grave. “Socialist” Nicolás Maduro has overplayed his hand. He had thought that, based on state violence, he could put aside the chosen national assembly and replace it with an assembly of supporters. He had thought that with the exclusion of opposition politicians, incensed by censored media and with full control of the electoral council and the electoral system, he could be ‘elected’ in May 2018 for a second six-year term as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. But the Organization of American States (OAS) in its official statement typified that May election as ” a shameful day for democracy in the Americas. ” She stated that “confronted with the power of democracy in regional consciousness, dictator Maduro – unsuccessfully – has tried to give a democratic veneer to his totalitarian regime.”


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