Cuba: Evolution of the Revolution

As US travel photographers on our first trip to Cuba, we were enamored with the warm spirit of the people and the vivid visual opportunities. On our most recent trip, we wanted to dive deeply into the culture to see through the ‘smoke and mirrors’. We wanted to understand what was really going on in Cuban life.

US tourists might say, “No bread today? I couldn’t live that way!”, “I want to go there before it changes,” “You went to Cuba? I thought you couldn’t go there now!”, “Why are there two kinds of money”? “How do I login”? “Why don’t they speak English”? “Isn’t it charming that the beautiful buildings are falling apart”? “Where’s a Starbucks”?

Cubans might say, “Hay pan hoy”? “Tienes huevos hoy”? “No hoy”! “We love Americans, we just don’t like US policies.”, “CUCs please.” “Where is the internet cafe”? “Hablas español”? “This building has been under restoration for many years.” “What’s a Starbucks”?



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