Bahamas: US State Department Report: Abaco Heads List For Sexual Violence

ABACO had the highest number of reported cases of sexual violence, according to a US State Department report, which suggested rape and domestic violence cases are often stalled in the courts.

The department also pointed to allegations of rape brought against a juvenile watercraft operator in its 2018 Human Rights Report, adding violence against women continued to be a “serious, widespread problem”.

It again noted there were no protections against spousal rape.

“In September (2018) a woman alleged a Jet Ski operator raped her in Nassau,” the report noted. “Although she identified the accused (Jet Ski operator) in a line up, he was released on bail because he was a minor.

“There were no further developments in her case in the courts, a common occurrence in rape and domestic violence cases.”

The department reported on sex crime statistics from January to November 2018, obtained from the Royal Bahamas Police Force which showed that up to that point there had been 45 reported rapes, 12 attempted rapes, and 114 cases of unlawful sexual intercourse.



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