Democrats offer citizenship bill that goes beyond Dream Act

House Democrats upped their ante on illegal immigration Tuesday, unveiling a bill that could lift as many as 2.7 million migrants — mostly “Dreamers” — out of legal limbo and grant them a full pathway to citizenship.

The legislation would immediately carve those people out of danger of deportation and then create a longer path to apply for legal status and eventually to earn citizenship rights.

They would also gain rights to take their cases to federal courts, and some Dreamers who have been deported could apply to return to the U.S. and get on the same pathway to citizenship.

The bill goes well beyond previous versions of the Dream Act, including 2.3 million Dreamers and more than 400,000 other migrants who have been in the U.S. for years under special humanitarian protections but who fear their time is about to run out under President Trump.



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