Jamaica: Social Media Clampdown – Broadcasting Commission Wants To Police Online Sites

The Broadcasting Commission has urged the Holness administration to increase its oversight responsibility beyond free-to-air electronic media to policing social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Citing growing concerns about cyberbullying, pornography and violent content, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) has called for the Government to giving it more powers of sanction in a revamp of legislation governing the local digital media landscape.

In correspondence submitted to Information Minister Ruel Reid, BCJ Chairman Anthony Clayton and Executive Director Cordel Green want the BCJ’s expanded oversight to halt the use of media for the proliferation of hate speech, unethical advertising, disinformation, scamming and terrorist recruitment.

The Broadcasting Commission expressed outrage at the loss of traditional media gatekeepers and the consequent rise in fake news, especially from unregulated online entities.

“This revolution has been liberating and enabling, but has also brought many serious threats. Jamaica cannot remain in the slow lane. So, the challenge facing Jamaica is to make a rapid transition to the new digital world, managing risks and limiting harm,” Clayton and Green charged.


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