Jamaica: ships medical cannabis to Cananda for testing

JACANA, a newly launched local medical cannabis company, has completed the country’s first international export of the Jamaican medical cannabis flower.

The company completed its first delivery to cannabis-testing firm Anandia in Canada late last year.

The company is seeking to raise $2.7 billion (US$20 million) to cultivate, develop and distribute certified Jamaican medical cannabis that provide natural alternatives to the artificially manufactured products in the market, and money earned from the export will be put in a fund to help reach the target.

The new investment will be used to expand operations in Jamaica, create further employment opportunities locally, drive research and development in Jamaica, and build on Jacana’s existing global presence.

According to Jacana’s chief Executive Officer Alexander Chong, the deal has put Jamaica onto the international stage as a key player in the world’s fastest growing industry and is extremely significant as the development of medical cannabis offers significant economic benefits for Jamaica, opening export channels and providing new employment opportunities for Jamaicans.


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