Cuba: What We Gained and Lost with Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum

Let’s assume that the results disclosed by the National Election Commission are trustworthy; ignoring how suspicious it was that it took almost a whole day to announce the results to the public.

Suppose that it doesn’t matter that the electoral register had increased by almost 700,000 voters after the preliminary count at 5 PM; believing that the government is “incapable” of tampering with the election, even when it holds complete control over the electoral process and opposition monitors do not participate, let alone international ones.

Even with so many doubts and suspicions, it would be interesting for us to analyze what we have gained and lost with Cuba’s constitutional referendum process and its final results

What did we gain?

  • The number of Cubans who dared to stand up to the system has increased greatly, when compared to previous votes, which were approved of almost unanimously compared to this 73%, declining election after election as a growing trend.



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