Jamaica Has Nothing To Fear From Our Investments – Chinese Firms

There is no plan by Chinese companies to monopolise Jamaican industries. That’s the word from Dr Hu Zhimin, president of the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Jamaica (ACEJ).

With at least 16 Chinese companies already registered to operate in Jamaica, investing more than US$3 billion since 2013, there have been concerns raised in the local construction industry and other quarters over what is seen as a Chinese takeover.

She told The Gleaner at yesterday’s launch of the ACEJ that Chinese investment in Jamaica is not an attempt to control sectors for Chinese gain, but for mutual economic advancement and to leverage the relations both countries have enjoyed since 1972.

“I heard this concern, but I am assuring you that Jamaicans have nothing to fear by way of Chinese investments,” Hu said. “It is about our investment having win-win net effect for both countries. There are many members of the enterprise team investing in Jamaica, and with the kind of interaction we enjoy between the countries, I think this is a good thing for Jamaica and China.”


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